But first, an explanation…


I’m really not a blogger. I’m just a creative girl on a mission. My mission is to find a happy place in the world in Interior Decorating.

So how did I come to find myself here?

Well, in a past life I was a Chocolatier. That’s right, my job all day every essentially was to play with chocolate. I LOVED my job! I mean, who wouldn’t right?! And the look on peoples face when I told them what I did for a living [I’ll be honest] made me feel special and little superior because I knew my job was probably better than theirs. However, after 8 years, I decided that the job I said I could do “for the rest of my life” just wasn’t making me happy anymore and I needed a change.

Do I begin a new career, I asked myself. Do I go back to school, start from square one. OR… do I just re-channel my creative energy into something else?

After brain storming for a couple of weeks, which felt a bit exciting and a whole lot scary, it was my lovely husband who suggested this direction.

It made sense. I’ve always had an eye for detail and color. I’ve always had people complement me on my home. I like to move the furniture around the house a few times a year to keep things interesting as I can become bored with my environment sometimes. But most of all, I’m creative as f***. Anyway, if the shoe fits wear it right?! So this me slipping a foot in. Putting a toe into the water. [And never using foot related idioms again.]

Over time, I hope to be a source of inspiration to others looking to flip a room or improve their surroundings. I’m always looking for new clients to take on and new people to inspire and help. I’m excited about this new journey; this new career of mine, and I’m grateful for the all the support and encouragement I’ve received in making this new “thing” happen.

Welcome to my blog!