2015 Hot Color Trends: Life is better in Blue

Color Trends

Has summer got you longing for that dream beach vacation in the Caribbean? Do you hear the ocean waves calling your name? Then perhaps it’s time to bring some of that island life into your home this season. 

One of the hottest colors trending this summer is Scuba Blue. Guaranteed to put your mind at ease, this color is soothing, relaxing, and quite sophisticated. I’m more relaxed just looking at it!Scuba Blue

But don’t let the name fool you. You don’t have to take this color in the direction of Nautical or Beach, although it is perfect for those popular home styles. Scuba Blue is a great tone to use when a pop of color is needed to shake things up. Look for it in glass or ceramic and dress up a neutral grey table cloth but keep the plates and napkins white. A few accent pillows, a throw or sheer curtains in this tone can help bring together a cool and relaxing look reminiscent of the island life without sprinkling sand and shells everywhere.

Lastly, keep an eye out for great patterns in Scuba Blue. I love this color in chevron alongside lime green and taupe and it’s always chic next to white. An accent wall or focal point with this shade can be bold but not overwhelming especially if the right wall paper or art work is chosen. And even a wall painted solid can be better incorporated with a well placed large mirror, small end table and a lamp.

Ahhhh… I feel so relaxed after writing this. Now where did I put my tiny cocktail umbrellas?!

Scuba Blue Insipration Board


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